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What It's Like Running In Luna Sandals

I recently took minimalist running to an entirely new level. I've started running in sandals. What has compelled me to do such a thing?

At last May's Born To Run Ultramarathon, I had the pleasure of both meeting some of the creative minds behind Luna Sandals, and witnessed several of the "Lunar Monkeys" (their affectionate nickname for the sponsored sandal-runners) take on the ultras in them. Patrick Sweeney won the men's 50K at the Born To Run Ultra in a pair, and has won a considerable amount of other races donning them as well. It was one of those situations where you really can't believe it until you see it. Well, I saw it with my own two eyes and was blown away. The biggest question I had lurking in my mind was, how often do you stub your toes? I asked Sweeney, "Come on, be honest, how often do you stub your toes?" He laughed, "Surprisingly, never! I've kicked rocks a few times, but never stubbed my toes! The rocks actually roll over t…

How Running Inspired Me To Do a 30-Day Vegan Challenge

For as long as I can remember, I've always had a sweet tooth. In fact, I not only have a sweet tooth, but I also have a salt tooth, cheese tooth, and bread tooth. When I was a kid, I remember stock-piling candy bars, chocolate, cereals, and other novelties in a little cabinet in our kitchen. I didn't want anyone to sneak into my "stash" and had little interest in anything growing in my Grandmother's garden.

In high school, during my Track & Field practices, I'd pound RedBulls, eat McDonalds, and joke about my body being invincible. I had my grandparents buy me Costo-sized 30-pack of Craft Mac & Cheese (I'd finish the 30 boxes in less than a month). Sourdough toast with raspberry jelly was a staple in my diet. I figured since I was still standing and able to keep up with everyone else on my team, I was immune to whatever "bad stuff" was in the food I was eating. I was wrong.

As I've gotten older, I've watched my body become more …

The Ups and Downs of the San Francisco Half-Marathon

It took seven long hours for my friends Bobby, Michelle and I to reach San Francisco from Ventura. I spent the better part of the journey squished in the back of the car reading Scott Jurek's book Eat & Run (there really is no good and comfortable way to travel long distances). I also managed to crochet Michelle a miniature owl to hang from her rear-view mirror (Bobby said it kept staring at him during the drive!). Michelle even recreated the Battle of the Bulge, right on the car's dashboard!

But if I'm being totally honest here, I was completely exhausted. I was going off two days of sleeping less than 4 hours each night. I knew this would be a recipe for disaster for my race, but there are just some things in life that we cannot help. Still gotta keep your head up!

We arrived at our awesome hostel, the Amsterdam, in the early afternoon. San Francisco really has the best hostels. After putting our stuff down in our room and checking out the place, we went off to expl…

Five Signs That You’re in a Committed Relationship...with Running

Some people have boyfriends. Some people have girlfriends. Some people are married. I, on the other hand, am in a committed relationship with....Running.

Here are five signs that you’re also in a committed relationship with running:

1) You turn to Running when you’re upset. You turn to it when you’re happy, too. It always gives you back in equal amounts what you put into it. It’s the one thing at the end of the day that you know will never let you down. You can go to it when you want to escape the chaos of your life, your overwhelming workload, and the problems that plague your mind. When you’re with Running, nothing else matters. 

 2) Sometimes you honestly just hate Running. You get frustrated when things don’t always go your way (even when you may have been the one to slip up...a missed training here, a bad split there). The busted knees, the wonky IT-bands, the upset stomaches...sometimes you find yourself asking, Why am I in a relationship with Running, anyway? Sometimes you ge…

So I Finished My First Half-Marathon...Now What?

It's almost been two weeks since I finished my first Half-Marathon. I got a really cool picture from my race, too. I almost feel like an official runner now. (Thanks, Michelle).

The week after was weird. I forced myself to not run for three days in a row (I caved on the last day and ended up going on a long walk). It was in those three days that I realized the importance of daily exercise for my own well-being, and how much I missed it. And how sluggish not running for three days in a row made me feel on that fourth day when I ran again (I could swear that six months of intense training went right out the window). One thing I did do a lot of though is think about my next goals for running. I completed my first major goal this year-- running 13.1 miles by my 24th birthday. And I did it. So now what?

I do have another half-marathon this upcoming weekend in San Francisco (it came a lot quicker than I expected), called the ZombieRunner San Francisco Half-Marathon . Unfortunately, this…

What Happens When You Plan Your First Half-Marathon On Your Birthday

Yesterday I finished my first Half-Marathon. I hadn't originally planned on running my first half on the day of my birthday. It wasn't until I noticed on that Compete Green was planning the Ojai to Ocean Marathon and Half-Marathon in my hometown. After looking at a map of the course, I was even more intrigued. For the half, it started off in Ojai and weaved its way down the bike path, to Ventura and crossed through the promenade. I'd been running the promenade a few times a week for the past few months. The course was all downhill, smooth, and considered one of the best Boston-qualifiers out there. ....Not that I am anywhere near qualifying right now, but more speaking to how easy it is. AKA...perfect for my first half. Also intriguing? It was scheduled for the day of my twenty-fourth birthday. Beam me up, Scotty!

The weeks and days leading up to my race made me feel like I had developed OCD primarily for running. I made sure to stay on my running schedule obse…