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Perfecting The Cuy: Adventures Eating in Peru

The woman peeled back the skin from the tiny rodent’s body, and I cowered in the corner behind our group. Slicing around its neck, she was able to easily turn its flesh inside out. The muscles and ligaments of the animal were exposed for the first time to the outside air. There was surprisingly little blood. She ripped the skin from the tip of its toes, and I could see the little claws were left still attached to the skeleton. She tossed the discarded skin into a metal can on the floor. I could only imagine how many remains were decomposing inside it. Little flies hung in the air. 
I had never seen something like it before in my life.
She placed the guinea pig on a thick wooden table, worn down in the middle from years of repeated chopping. The knife sunk into its body, and I could hear the bones cracking. As if someone was cutting a chicken into thirds, the woman carefully separated a little leg for me to try. 
The last thing I expected walking into this place was to witness a pet I had…

Fall Races: The SOAR Trail Run Series & Lasse Viren 20K

So, after my second half marathon in June, I didn't have any races lined up. After five months of continuous racing, I decided to take a breather...and well, that turned into another five months of no racing at all. I decided to drag my currently slow-as-a-snail self out of my training limbo by signing up for a local trail run series.

SOAR(Save Open-Space and Agricultural Resources) is a local non-profit organization in Ventura County that focuses on protecting agricultural lands, open space, trails, and helps promote a livable and sustainable community. The races are relatively cheap and support local trails. Now we're talking!
19th Annual Salmon Run 5K  - Oct 21st, 2012
SOAR Run Through the Orchards 10K - Nov 4th, 2012
Aloha Turkey Roundup 8K - Nov 11th, 2012 (I'm really excited for this one because it takes place on one of my favorite local trails).
Also, I signed up for the famous Lasse Viren 20K, which is this Sunday, October 28th. I'm really excited for this one bec…

Don't Call Me A Master, I'm Just Writing A Thesis

I have several books, articles and post-it notes strewn across my desk. I have papers with outlines, little arrows connecting floating scribbles of information. I am compiling thoughts and ideas from every nook and cranny I can find, and I wonder quite how big this Master's thesis will become.

To make my feelings even more validated, during my lastest visit with one of my mentors, the subject of expanding my ideas into a bigger project came up.

"You should write a book," He said, matter-of-fact-ly.

I stared at him, dumbfounded.

Ok, I mean, it's not the craziest thing I've ever heard. In fact, writing a book is top five on my bucket list. But I never thought about publishing a book about running.

"Like Born To Run?" I asked him, suggesting that the idea has already been done.

"You should definitely reference it, discuss how it sparked your interest to run again, made you start asking questions and researching," He said.

That didn't sound c…