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Holiday Shopping Guide: Some of My Favorite Running Clothes & Gear

In light of the impending holiday shopping season, I thought I'd do a little blog about my favorite athletic and running gear.

The Perfect Black Leggings / Crops

Lululemon makes pretty much the most comfortableand flattering clothing I've ever worn. If you can get past their weird name and funny logo, you'll find athletic clothing that looks like eye candy and feels like it's made just for you.

The downside? It's expensive. But, if you consider how many black leggings/ yoga pants/ sports bras/ whatever over the years you've had that have have fallen apart and are currently hanging in your closet neglected. Sometimes I feel like some clothing brands  (*cough* Patagonia * cough) don't even consider positioning of pockets/ seam-lines when designing their attire. It's like an insta-weggie before you step out the front door.

When I got my first pair of Lululemon Wunder Under Crops, I immediately went through my entire closet and got rid of ELEVEN pairs of bla…

Transfiguration: A Journey Through Peru

The train rumbled along the worn-down steel tracks, traveling parallel to the Urubamba river-- nature's highway weaving itself up through the Amazon. It was the only way to reach Aguas Calientes, a tiny town nestled at the base of Peru’s ancient landmark, Machu Picchu. We had been traveling for over three hours, going deeper and deeper into the heart of the rainforest and farther from civilization. Every once in a while, we'd see travelers hiking in the distance-- off on their personal quests and adventures into the wild. The train had taken us past tall glittering waterfalls and farmlands with rows of colorful corn. My eyes could not tear themselves away from the abundance of nature and rich, green landscapes.

Sparkling blue butterflies floated around in the distance, and the beauty of nature really hit me. Part of me wished I could tuck one away in a jar, as some sort of exotic pet. 
I started to think about the journey ahead of me. I would be walking on the partia…