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Tales From An Ex-Waitress: Gluttony Is A Deadly Sin

I stood in the blind spot of the restaurant's security cameras, hiding from our Big Brother owner and his new favorite live feed. We knew he watched them religiously, and it left us with not many places to go unseen. 

I checked my phone – boredom from a lack of business on a lackluster Monday afternoon. No messages. Why did everything feel so weird? The town was quiet, grey clouds blocked out the sunlight and gave the appearance of impending rain. But rain was not on the forecast. The light filtered through the frosted windows, basking the restaurant in an unnatural glow. 

The other three employees working were also in a daze. The bartender stared off into space, absentmindedly cleaning the inside of a wine glass. He was probably wondering to himself how long he would remain at a restaurant where, during the winter, the stream of customers quickly dissipated, like a river slowly stretching out until it was dry and barren. We were in a customer drought, and when you rely on tips for …

2013 Resolutions

2013 is going to be a big year for me-- I'm graduating with a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, and have my first Ultra lined up in May (coincidentally, the day after my graduation, OOPS).

In leu of the new year and impending resolutions, I shied away from making any definitive goals.

But that's just silly. So here we go.

1) Get my Master's Degree AND finish my Thesis. This is my numero uno priority this year.

2) Finish my first Ultra uninjured. 

3) Focus on eating whole, healthy foods. Minimize dairy, gluten, sugar and starches.

4) Spend more time writing non-school related essays/ short stories.

5) Apply to Ph.D programs.

6) Publish my previous research from my undergrad.

Six goals is the perfect amount. Not five, not ten. Six.

Here's to a great 2013, you guys!