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Graduation & Facing My First Ultra: Fears, Confessions of Bad Training, and Other Considerations

Running with friends at the B2R course preview. Gorgeous!

Almost a year ago I was standing at the starting line at the Born To Run Ultramarathon. I was not running an Ultra, only a 10-Miler, but countless others were preparing to be on the trails through the day and into the night. It was the first time I'd ever witness individuals running such distances, and I didn't realize at the time how much that experience would change my life. I only knew one person when I arrived, and left with countless friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime.

A month back, I had the pleasure of doing a training run at the course in Los Olivos. There is truly something magical with being surrounded by a bunch of other trail happy Ultrarunners. Although I felt like a little kid compared to many of the seasoned Ultra-veterans, they welcomed me with open arms and answered my endless array of questions. I spent the majority of the time facing the Big Question: Am I ready to run my first Ultramara…