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Why We Run: The Personaity Traits of Trail & Ultrarunners

It's no secret that trail & Ultrarunning requires some serious dedication, mental toughness, and physical stamina.  Even though the 5K is the most popular racing distance, Ultrarunning is growing exponentially in both races and participants in the last ten years. And it is so much more than just being a recreational activity.  
      In Why We Run (2002), author Bernd Heinrich writes, “A race is like a chase. Finishing a marathon, setting a record, making a scientific discovery, creating a great work of art-- all, I believe, are substitute chases we submit to that require, and exhibit, the psychological tools of an endurance predator, both to do and evaluate. When fifty thousand people line up to race a marathon, or two dozen high schoolers to the line for a cross-country race, they are enacting a symbolic communal hunt, to be first at the kill, or at least take part in it” (p. 186). Although Heinrich accurately describes the evolutionary perspective on why we run, he, a…

Seven Ways Trail & Ultrarunning Can Change Your Life

Photo Cred: Michelle Evans
In the process of writing my Master's Thesis on the benefits of Trail & Ultrarunning, I learned a few rad things about the sport. Or, I should say, I confirmed much of what I already knew to be true. So, here are a few tidbits, condensed for your enjoyment :)

1. You'll Make The Best Friends You'll Ever Have. Call me bias, but I think that trail and Ultrarunners are a rare breed of super humans-- capable of some serious levels of debauchery while still doing things that most people would argue is crazy....such as running a hundred miles through Death Valley in the middle of July. Stuff like that.
It takes a special balance of skill, determination, and just a little (or a lotta) bit of stupidity to attempt an Ultra.... but life is too short to hold on to your security blanket / comfort zone / whatever reason you give for why you're not out there and doing something. Some of the best people I have met were through local running groups, side-by-s…