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The 2014 Born To Run Ultramarathon: Stories Of My Dirtbag Trail-Running Posse

The 2014 Born To Run Beer Mile  Photo Credit: Samantha Lovett
When most people hear the name Born To Run, they think of the best-selling book by Christopher McDougall. 
When I hear it, I think of an ultramarathon directed by Luis Escobar, held on a cattle ranch in Los Olivos, California. 
Born To Run, for many, now brings to mind images of rolling hills and large sycamore trees. Cowboy hats and loud country music. The hot summer sun and ice cold beer straight out of the cooler. Clusters of tents, camping vans and cars.Colorful flags blowing in the breeze.A meeting ground for a close-knit community of runners and Mas Locos from all around the world. 

Photo Credit:Samantha Lovett
Luis has created a new genre of trail and ultra racing by putting the focus on celebration rather than competition. 
People are not signing up for the Born To Run Ultramarathon because they hear you get a cool buckle (nope), they want to earn some serious bragging rights (double-nope), or they found it randomly on Ult…