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10 Reasons To Run A 50K Instead Of A Marathon

Photo Credit: Samantha Lovett Photography
Marathons are an entirely different ball game than ultras. Although a few miles difference doesn't seem like that much, marathons have several major differences than ultras.

Here are ten reasons to run a 50K instead of a marathon:

1. It's only a couple more miles and you get some serious bragging rights.
A 50K (31 miles) is only a mere five miles longer than a marathon. Go those extra few miles. I promise it'll be worth it.

2. The aid stations (and volunteers) are WAY better.

This is me at the aid station of the Red Rock 50 a couple of years ago. I'm wearing a German beer-maid costume. Salted potatoes, anyone??
Tyler and Stephanie looking happy to be at the aid station for the Nine Trails 35-Mile Ultra!
Look at that SPREAD! (Photo cred:
I apologize in advance if this offends anyone who has volunteered at a marathon. While I can't speak for those hardworking volunteers who do their job right, I have had my fair …

10 Signs You're A Dirt-Bag Trail-Runner

Tyler and Cat channeling their inner dirtbags in Bryce Canyon. (Photo Credit: Molly Nugent).

Chances are, if you're reading this, you are or suspect someone you know to be a dirtbag trail-runner.

I'm here to set the record straight and throw some of my awesome dirt-bag friends under the bus a bit (sorry guys, it's for the greater good of the dirtbag community).

We've all read the article that compares ultrarunners to hipsters. And loved it.

However, I'm not sure that hipster is the right word for us. We simply aren't that clean. Or trendy.

I think dirtbag is more appropriate. It's like a hybrid of hipster, homeless person and adventure junkie.

Photo credit: The New York Times
If you wonder about your own (or want to determine someone else's) dirtbag status, here are ten signs:

1. You are nomadic. You either a) Live in your car/ RV/ tent , b) Are planning on living in your car/ RV/ tent , or c) Are couch-crashing long-term. Traveling is a must for every…