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6 Reasons To Run In Luna Sandals

Photo Credit: Luis Escobar
Let me start this post off by saying I am extremely biased when it comes to running in sandals.

Over the last few years, I have transitioned from running in regular running shoes, to minimalist running shoes, and now 100% in sandals.

People are always shocked when I say I run in sandals, which makes my day because then I can take it a step further by telling them that I don't just run a few miles a day in them-- I run ultramarathons in them. I run through rivers in them. I hike in them. I walk around town in them. The only place I don't wear them is in the gym (because I'm not allowed to). It's safe to say at this point that Luna Sandals have set a standard for a new type of footwear: Adventure Sandal.

My Luna Sandals have become a second skin for my feet, molded perfectly and I forget that anything is on my feet at all. I don't think twice about wearing my sandals on technical trails, muddy trails, at the beach or on the road. They work…