Tuesday, September 2, 2014

6 Reasons To Run In Luna Sandals

Photo Credit: Luis Escobar

Let me start this post off by saying I am extremely biased when it comes to running in sandals.

Over the last few years, I have transitioned from running in regular running shoes, to minimalist running shoes, and now 100% in sandals.

People are always shocked when I say I run in sandals, which makes my day because then I can take it a step further by telling them that I don't just run a few miles a day in them-- I run ultramarathons in them. I run through rivers in them. I hike in them. I walk around town in them. The only place I don't wear them is in the gym (because I'm not allowed to). It's safe to say at this point that Luna Sandals have set a standard for a new type of footwear: Adventure Sandal.

My Luna Sandals have become a second skin for my feet, molded perfectly and I forget that anything is on my feet at all. I don't think twice about wearing my sandals on technical trails, muddy trails, at the beach or on the road. They work fantastic in all conditions and I have yet to regret wearing them on a run.

Photo Credit: Luis Escobar

Needless to say, I could go on for hours about how much I love them. Instead, I'll give you guys a brief run-down of my top 6 reasons to run in Luna Sandals:

1) Luna Sandals will mold to your feet and fit like a glove. They actually get better as they break in. Instead of tossing your running shoes after 500 miles (like many shoe companies suggest)-- your Luna's will last three times as long. Fact: My first pair of Luna Leadville Pacers have at least a thousand trail miles on them and still have plenty of wear to go. I recently invested in a few pairs and am looking forward to a couple of good years out of them.

Photo Credit: Luis Escobar

The Luna Mono, your "Everything" Sandal, good on trails, in water, on the road...everywhere! (Picture Credit: Luna Sandals)

2) Black toenails and epic blisters? A thing of the past if you switch to Luna Sandals! No more need to worry about a big enough toe box or packing extra moleskins in your pack to protect your battered heels. Since I started running in Luna's, I have had maybe one or two small blisters. My last pair of running shoes left me with blisters so bad I actually had to stop running for two weeks to let them heal. One of my good friends, Jess Soco, recently ran the Western States 100 in a pair of Luna's and didn't have a single blister. I watched a few miserable runners pull their shoes off at the finish line-- needless to say, it confirmed my belief that many shoe companies are destroying our feet. I have yet to hear about someone returning a pair of Luna's because they didn't like them or that they caused problems for their feet.

The Traditional Luna Mono (Photo Credit: Luna Sandals)

Photo Credit: Luis Escobar

3) You'll save a TON of money. Luna Sandals range in price from $36 (DIY Assembly Kit) to $125 (for the premium versions), which is on average much cheaper than the typical running shoe, which range from $85-$150+. You won't need to spend extra money on running socks, moleskins, inserts, and replacing your shoes once they wear out, ect. You get the most out of your money when you invest in a pair of Luna's.

 The Luna Venado, your perfect street sandal! (Picture credit: Luna Sandals)

4) You'll be supporting a small company instead of a large corporation. Luna has grown in the last several years from a couple of guys making sandals in a garage, to a small company selling sandals all over the world. Unlike bigger companies, locally owned businesses like Luna invest right back into the local economy, which overall helps to enrich the whole community. Small companies have a closer connection to their customers and the market place-- if you ever have a problem with your sandals or need help figuring out how to lace them up, you know they are only a phone call or e-mail away and will happily assist you.

Photo Credit: Luis Escobar

5) Luna Sandals are handmade in Seattle-- they are built to last and high quality. The owners of Luna have spent countless hours testing out different styles of laces, footbeds, soles, and lacing styles to achieve the most comfort, style and durability as possible. Instead of choosing the cheapest options to maximize revenue, Luna focuses on quality. Buying handmade items is also better for the environment-- Luna does not require a large production facility to make the sandals. The majority of the sandal-making is done by hand by a small team of Luna cobblers.

The Milk Chocolate Mono, your ultimate luxury sandal! (Picture Credit: Luna Sandals)

6) They look awesome and have several different models to choose from. Check it out!

Photo credit: Tom Norwood.

So what are you waiting for?! Click here to get yourself a pair of Luna Sandals. You'll thank me later :)