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Marin Ultra Challenge 50K: That One Time I Slipped On A Crab (And Everything Else That Happened)

I registered for the Marin Ultra Challenge 50K in San Francisco for three main reasons: 1) My training plan for the Leona Divide 50 called for a 30 mile run with decent elevation gain that weekend, 2) The course looked gorgeous (and hard!), and 3) After telling my boyfriend about the race, I convinced him to sign up as well (he chose the 50-mile option). Triple-win!

With a little more than a month left to train for Leona, I approached the MUC 50K as training run rather than a race. My intention was to finish with enough left in me so that I would still be able to reach my goal mileage for the next week. This was the first of two week of my highest mileage for my training plan.. The goal was to hit 50-55 miles for the first week, and hit 60-65 the next week. That's a lot of miles and time to iron out the kinks for my nutrition and gear. And for breaking in my new Luna Sandals (the Gordos).

The night before the race, I laid out the contents of my hydration pack, course map and gear on…