I think this is a pretty rad world, and I kinda sorta love exploring it. Mostly with my own two feet and a camera in tow.

After graduating with my Master's Degree in Positive Psychology in 2013, I published several academic articles on the topics of flow, happiness, and spirituality. For my thesis, I researched and published my findings on the mental health benefits of running long distances outdoors. Through writing and researching my thesis, I discovered how traveling, writing, and trail running could change my life in ways I could never have anticipated. I decided to put a hold on pursuing a Ph.D, and explore the things I felt pulled towards: community and the great outdoors.

Almost three years ago, I went on a four-month long road trip across the Western United states. I explored several national parks, spent countless hours out on the trails, and made lifelong friends. Throughout the trip, I took many photographs and videos, and eventually published a few articles about the experience for trail running magazine.

In 2014, I started a company called Dirtbag Runners with one of my best friends. To learn more about who and what Dirtbag Runners are, follow this link

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