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Ten Things I Learned While On A 30-Day Vegan Diet

I finished my "30-Day Vegan" Challenge today. My previous knowledge base on Veganism/ eating a plant-based diet was moderate. So I learned quite a bit. It wasn't easy, but I did my best. I made a few slip ups. I expected that to happen.

Here's what I learned:

1. Honey isn't considered Vegan. Oops. Discovered this about half-way through the month. Technically, by Vegan standards, honey is made from bees. Vegans abstain from all animal products, so this one is a no-go. Agave nectar is a great alternative.

2. The American diet is full of meat and animal products. Just try to go out to any American restaurant and order Vegan. You'll discover that often times, your only option is a plain salad with a vinaigrette or oil-based dressing. My lowest of low points were eating a small salad at an Italian Restaurant with my family, and "attempting" to eat Vegan at Disneyland. (Note: the "Veggie Patties" on the burgers at Disneyland are disgusting. You…

Scott Jurek's Vegan Chocolate Adzuki Bars

Scott Jurek lists twenty-five Vegan recipes in his new book, Eat & Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness.The recipes range from pre-workout smoothies, lentil-mushroom burgers, and even to sweeter desserts like chocolate adzuki bars (very much like a brownie). Initially, I was overwhelmed by the amount of ingredients needed for each meal or snack. It seemed like a lot of work, and like it would cost a ton of money.

That was before I decided to do a month-long Vegan diet. At this point, I'm about a week and a half into it and missing chocolate BAD. Maybe it was having to watch my entire family devour home-made brownies (while I watched longingly), but I started to crave something chocolatey and sweet. My friend, Michelle, just finished Eat & Run as well, and wanted to try out some of the recipes in the book, too. We decided to hit up the local health food store and buy some ingredients. An hour later (and having asked the employees several times where to find ce…