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I Did An Interview!....Or Two :)

I admit, I've been neglecting this blog lately.

I've been pretty wrapped up in my new book, 'Please, Don't Burn The Bacon: Healthy Paleo Recipes', and blogging over at

The Bunny and Friends Show
I was lucky to be a guest on The Bunny and Friends Show a few weeks back and talked about health, fitness and BACON! This was so much fun. Check it out!

Run, Barefoot Girl!
My dear friend Caity McCartell invited me to talk on her podcast show about my thesis on trail and ultrarunning. Love Caity and our fun conversation about running, flow and what we love about our community of runners.

Enjoy! :)

Things I Loved About The 2014 San Juan Camp & Run

This is my awesome friend Michelle Evans. All of the photos in this post are taken by her (except the beer mile ones, I was the mastermind behind those). You can find more pictures on her Flickr by clicking here. Thanks Michelle!

First, let me preface this with the fact that I have yet to attend a Luis Escobar event that I did not drive home from with a gigantic smile on my face. Some people might not understand how impacting a weekend of camping and running can be. To them, I suggest signing up for one of these races at I feel fortunate to be a part of this community. The friendships I have made because of running is nothing short of amazing.

It's Not a Race, It's a Celebration of Running.

I dare you to find another race with a live Mariachi band, shotgun to wake you up in the morning, coyotes and cows (and bulls! Oh my!) roaming around in the distance, a beer mile, ball racing or delicious food all weekend. Not to mention, things like tattooing (Born To Run), …