Ever wonder how I crochet owls?

By Crista Tappan - May 05, 2012

So, people ask me how I crochet owls. And to be honest, I can't really give them a great answer. I have no idea how to read patterns, or let alone how to write them. I figured, the next best thing would be step-by-step photos of how I create the owls. This owl I made for my friend Olivia :)

Everything I make, more or less, starting with a crocheted circle. I've heard this called the "magic circle" before. 

The basic concept of crocheting is the process of adding "stitches" in the right order to make the piece expand or grow smaller.

This is going to be the body of the owl. Doesn't look like much right now does it?

I made another two circles, which will eventually be the owl's wings. I always add an extra stitch or two at the end to make the circle more of an oval shape than a circle.

This is the first time I've added a color around the outside rim of the eyes. Kinda excited about it actually!

After I sewed the eyes onto the body of the owl.

This is my favorite part: putting in the eyes. It makes the owl suddenly come to life. 

Carefully sewed (sewn? sew? Not sure the tense on that word) the beak onto the body of the owl.

Ever wonder what I used to stuff the owls? Fluffy fake cotton! It's actual name is Polyfill, but I feel like that name is boring and non-descriptive. Fluffy stuff sounds better. 

Side view: How am I lookin'? :)

Final product. One stinkin' adorable owl. 

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  1. Super cute owls! I attempted crocheting this winter in the freezing Halifax winter, and ended up with a beanie that would fit a newborn, not myself... I guess practice makes perfect, and yours look awesome.

    1. Aww thanks! And practice definitely helps! I've probably made 50-60 of those little guys by now. As for beanies, I still haven't gotten it down!

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