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By Crista Tappan - July 17, 2013

This past month I have been eating a Paleo-based diet, which basically means I stick to meat, veggies, fruits and nuts/seeds. Because a lot of protein bars contain gluten & milk-based protein, ect, I decided to investigate Paleo-friendly options.  I've always thought that a meat protein bar would be really cool, so after searching through google a little bit I discovered a company called EPICbar.

I e-mailed them immediately, asking if I could do a review of their products. When I got back an e-mail from them agreeing to send me some samples, I was ECSTATIC. 

Before I get into the actual review, let me give you a run-down of the company background and standpoint. They are MUCH more than just a protein-bar company.


EPICbars is an Austin, Texas based company which aims at providing the highest quality grass-fed meat-based protein bars. They are gluten free, have a low glycemic count, are soy-free, dairy-free and nitrate free. They have a one-year shelf life and are loaded with omega-3's.

As stated on their website at, "We believe that EPIC animals should always live pasture-centered lives where turkeys forage, pigs wallow, and buffalo roam. This is the way nature intended animals to be and we see ourselves as leaders in recognizing the value of sustainable and responsible animal welfare practices." 

EPICbars is essentially a "green" company, their approach is beneficial towards the animal, the land, your health, and the taste of the product. They add that "Pasture grazing requires significantly less fossil fuel than a feedlot diet consisting of corn, soy, antibiotics, and hormones. Pastured animals fertilize the land they graze on, which eliminates the fossil fuels required by conventional fertilizing practices." 

Lastly, the health benefits of the product are immense: "Grass-fed animals are loaded with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are better for both cardiovascular health and contain anti-inflammatory properties. They also have significantly higher values of vitamins A and E as well as antioxidants.  For athletes, grass-fed meat is particularly favorable in that it contains up to twice the levels of conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, which promotes the development of lean muscle tissue and lowers the risk for a myriad of other health problems."

I personally feel like the hysteria around eating animal meat stems largely from the heavily-dosed antibiotics and hormones that the animals are being fed, in addition to the unsanitary and inhumaine methods of containment. This company provides individuals with a safe and healthy way to get their protein intake, without compromising the taste.

Last week was like Christmas...I got a small package from EPICbars in the mail. They provided me with two of each flavor-- Bison (with Bacon & Cranberry), Turkey (Almond & Cranberry), & Beef (Habanero & Cherry). I also got some cool stickers, some pens and a pin! Thanks guys!!

So here is my review for EPICbars:

I decided to get a little creative with the bars. Considering they are meat, I treated them much like I would a type of sausage, and sliced it up to throw into a breakfast scramble.

Final Product: The most AMAZING breakfast ever. I honestly couldn't believe how delicious it was!! The meat was tender, tasty and doesn't pack much sodium or sugar, especially when compared to other protein bars. And they have considerably less fat than sausage.

The really nice thing about EPICbars is that they can sit on the shelf. You can bring them with you on a hike, camping, traveling, anywhere! You can eat them plain or do what I did-- make your own creative meal!

Doesn't that look absolutely delicious?

I think it's really important to point out that eating actual FOOD is much better than most of the chemically-driven protein bars and other products that are on the market right now. On their website, EPICbars explains that "Other protein bars typically source either soy or whey protein isolates. These highly processed ingredients undergo toxic chemical treatments to create a protein source that is difficult for your body to recognize. Additionally, other bars have to rely on syrups and/or sweeteners to counterbalance the chalky flavor of protein powders. This results in an unavoidable and often unfavorable high sugar/carbohydrate load that is seen in every other protein bar on the market."

Here is the nutritional content info. I apologize about the bad quality, I couldn't find an image online with the info.




My absolute favorite was the Bison bar, but honestly, I really loved all of the flavors. Each one had flavors that complemented the protein. I really liked the spiciness of the Habanero seasoning in the Beef bar. Since I'm partial to bacon, the Bison won my heart. 

Now the important part: Where do you buy them?

They currently sell EPICbars in a few locations in Southern California and in San Francisco  You can look up here for the locations they are offered around the country. 

If you do not live within driving distance of a store that carries these bars, you can always order them online here

So, do yourself a favor. Buy a sample pack. Open up your mind to new sources of protein on the go. Feel safe with this company-- they ensure high quality. Ditch the smoothie, grab an EPICbar.  

But that is not all, folks!

 My friends at EPICbar have agreed to let me do a giveaway of their products.

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