September Health & Fitness Challenge: Wall-Squats, Water & Yoga

By Crista Tappan - September 01, 2013

AUGUST RECAP: The August Health and Fitness Challenge was a success, so we decided to keep the challenges coming. Before I get into the September challenge, I'm going to do a short recap of what went down for August. 

The challenge was: 1) Protein --assess your current intake and then your daily requirements, adjust as necessary 2) Push-ups & Pull-ups --see how much of each you can do at the beginning of the month and see how you improve by the end of the month. This is a good resource for learning how to do push-ups.  

This was a good challenge for me because I struggle in all of those areas. I knew I almost never ate enough protein, and my arm strength was laughable. I kid you not, at the beginning of this challenge I couldn't do a single push-up or pull-up.

I took this as an opportunity to educate myself on macronutrients and what my body requires for not only muscle growth but also for toning/ staying in shape. This is a good website for calculating how much protein you should eat on a daily basis. And apps like MyFitnessPal are good for tracking your daily food intake.

At the gym, I focused a lot on upper-body strength conditioning so I could improve my push ups and pull-ups. 

What's your favorite push-up variation? My favorite from this chart is 15 ;)

If you haven't already joined the Make It Ultra: Health & Fitness Challenges Facebook group already, do it now. Most of the posting happens on the group wall. 

So, onto this month's health & fitness challenge!

September Health & Fitness Challenge

Wall-Squats, Water & Yoga

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1) Wall-Squats-- The challenge for this month is to see how much you can improve in your time over the course of September. 

2) Water-- Do you drink enough water? This month we challenge you to drink your daily requirement of water. Don't know how much you should be drinking? Here, here and here are calculators for your water intake. No excuses.

3) Yoga-- On the Facebook group page, we will be posting different yoga positions and encouraging group members to post photos of their favorite poses. We will learn about the history, styles, and benefits of yoga! 

Like last month, there will be a challenge giveaway! For the male and female who can sustain the longest wall-squat time, Quest Bars has agreed to gift a sample pack of their bars! If you are unfamiliar with Quest Bars, hold tight-- we're going to tell you all about them in our next blog post. Keep a look out! The way we will pick the winners is by comparing everyone's final wall-squat time on the Facebook page and then asking whoever claims the longest time to send us a video.

Looking forward to a fun filled month of health and fitness!

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