Salt Stick Caps Plus Review & Give Away

By Unknown - October 23, 2014

Have you ever finished a particularly hard run and found yourself covered in a fine layer of salt? Ever wonder what's up with that?

Sweat is made up of mostly water and sodium. The more you sweat, the more you lose. When your body is low in sodium, you are more likely to experience muscle cramping. This gets exponentially worse as your levels get lower, and things like heat, intensity of the activity, and total caloric loss all impact your performance.

According to Salt Stick's FAQ, "Proper electrolyte supplementation prior to, and throughout your event, along with appropriate fluid intake, is key to avoiding cramps and performing your best. A balanced supply of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium is your best weapon against cramping. With those electrolytes lost in a 220-63-16-8 ratio for the average athlete, it is in the athlete's best interest to endure that replacement of the full spectrum of electrolytes is replaces, and in a form and quantity the body can absorb, such as that provided conveniently in a SaltStick capsule."

SaltStick carries two types of capsules: SaltSticks Caps & SaltSticks Caps Plus. The biggest difference between the two is the added Caffeine boost in the SaltSticks Caps Plus, along with sodium citrate which can help settle an upset stomach.

My personal favorite are the SaltStick Caps Plus, because I am a huge fan of the added caffeine! I have been using SaltSticks Caps during my long runs for two years now, and have noticed a huge difference in comparison to when I didn't take them. I find that SaltStick Caps reduce headaches and that "bonk" feeling I get towards the end of a hard run. Most Ultrarunners I know also use SaltSticks in both training and racing. There are even some running vests that are designed with a small pocket especially for the SaltStick Caps!

Here are a list of the ingredients for the SaltSticks Caps:

Sodium (215 mg)
Potassium (63 mg)
Calcium (22 mg)
Choride (11 mg)
Vitamin D (350 mg)
Caffeine (30 mg)

The capsules contain no gluten, soy or nuts.

Fun Fact: SaltSticks can also help prevent a hangover! Because hangovers tend to be caused primarily from dehydration, taking a SaltStick Cap will help your body rehydrate.

If you're planning on running an ultramarathon or endurance event, using SaltSticks Caps as a part of your nutrition regimen is essential!

SaltStick was also nice enough to give me a bottle of the SaltSticks Caps Plus to giveaway!

It's really simple-- All you have to do is share this post on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment below saying what your favorite way to get drenched in sweat is! Winner will be picked by November 1st.

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  1. Shared on twitter. I LOVE running long distances! Favorite way to sweat...well there are few other things too... ;)

  2. ...been using SaltSticks Plus for a while. Pleased to get confirmation from you, Crista!

  3. Shared on Twitter ... I haven't tried the SaltSticks Plus yet, but I always have the regular SaltSticks with me on all of my long runs. Will try Plus next.

  4. Shared on Facebook. Running long distances and doing obstacle course races is my favorite way to sweat!

  5. Shared on Facebook! Love my Salt Stick!