Gut Microbiome Testing: The New Way To Optimize Your Digestive Health

By Crista Tappan - February 12, 2018

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Having your gut biome analyzed is the future of health and wellness.

Every day, new research is emerging about how our gut biome - the microorganisms (bacteria and fungus) that live in our body - impact everything from our mood, energy levels, digestion and the illnesses we may experience. We now know that our gut acts much like a second brain, and it should be given the same amount of focus and attention that we give our minds.

Up until about a decade ago, the scientific community studied microorganisms (like bacteria and fungi) as being completely independent of each other, and mostly from the perspective that they negatively impacted our health and wellness. This is the cause behind the increase in attention towards taking probiotics to improve health.

However, one of the most important recent discoveries has been the relationship between bacteria and fungi in our bodies. Specifically, scientists have found that when one is impacted, it has an effect on the other. This indicates that there is a strong symbiotic relationship between bacteria and fungi, and that they essentially kept each other in check.

The understanding of bacteria and fungi’s relationship took a giant step forward, when BioHM’s founder, Dr. Ghannoum (a leading researcher in the industry), unearthed the fact that bacteria and fungi actually work together to protect each other, through forming digestive plaque.

In order to support overall digestive health, we now understand that you have to address both bacteria and fungi.

In my research about BioHM and Dr, Ghannoum’s works, I learned that each person’s gut flora is entirely different and we need specialized testing to figure out how we need to improve our health.

BIOHM was founded to be the first microbiome company. Their mission is simple: Engineer elegant products and services that address the total microbiome of both bacteria and fungi, allowing you to maintain total digestive health.This mission is their driving force in helping people achieve balance in their microbiomes.

The BIOHM Gut Report Kit is the most comprehensive microbiome testing that has ever been made available to consumers. The BIOHM Gut Report provides you with a personalized analysis of your gut's microbiome using our state of the art DNA sequencing technology.

Imagine driving your car every day without a gas tank meter. Now, picture that as your gut - every day we put food and beverages into our bodies without knowing exactly what our bodies need. We can follow a diet or try to eat balanced meals, but still never have a scientific-level of understanding about our gut biome and how the bacteria and fungus that live inside it impact our every day.

So here is when I say it strongly: Put your kombucha and probiotics down unless you have had your gut flora tested! And watch this video below:

No two guts are identical. Every person on this planet has an incredibly unique gut biome with dramatically different needs. Yet many take the same probiotics, with the same basic strains, without really knowing if they truly need them or not.

Biohm is leading the charge in changing this current way of healing our guts.

BioHm not only provides the highest level of insight into out gut biome health and what we need (or don’t need), they are providing the only probiotic proven scientifically to break down digestive plaque.

BioHM Health analyzes samples of your stool and then give you a detailed analysis of the strains of bacteria and fungus living in your gut. Forbes has called them the Tesla of Probiotics.

It’s an incredibly special opportunity to have your gut's microbiome analyzed by the same distinguished laboratories that perform the genetic sequencing in Dr. Ghannoum's groundbreaking microbiome research.

Yes, it’s not the most pleasant process in the world, but it’s a million times worth it for the data you learn about your body. It will tell you what your body needs, what things to avoid, and basically give you a road map to optimal health.

Your gut contains both good bacteria and good fungi. However ordinary probiotics only address bacteria, completely ignoring fungi in your digestive tract.

BIOHM’s probiotics combine good bacteria + good fungi + digestive enzymes to balance your gut’s total balance of bacteria and fungi.

How BIOHM Works

You know plaque builds up on your teeth, but did you know that plaque also builds up in your gut? It’s called Digestive Plaque.

Bad bacteria and fungi hide within Digestive Plaque, making it difficult for ordinary probiotics to reach and control them, making optimal digestive balance difficult to maintain.

BIOHM is the first probiotic proven to break down Digestive Plaque, allowing it to balance your gut’s total balance of bacteria and fungi.

The BioHM scientific team spent months engineering BIOHM, analyzing the specific strains and enzymes (and levels of each) to include, in order to achieve BIOHM's optimal efficacy in maintaining gut balance and breaking down digestive plaque.

BIOHM's formulation contains good bacteria, good fungi and a powerful enzyme that breaks through digestive plaque, allowing BIOHM’s 30 billion live cultures of good bacteria and good fungus to maintain, support and promote the balance of the total microbiome of bacteria and fungi in the digestive system.

The Fast Track To Understanding My Gut Biome

I had the immense joy of speaking with BioHm founder and leading researcher in gut flora - Dr. Ghannoum - to talk me through my gut biome results.

Before I get into it - let me first introduce you to the man behind this revolution - Dr. Ghannoum.

After making the breakthrough discovery that bad bacteria and bad fungus work together to create digestive plaque (a discovery covered globally by outlets such as CBS News, Scientific American, Forbes and USA Today), Dr. Ghannoum realized that probiotics currently available had not been engineered to specifically address the role fungus plays in digestive health. As a result – he created BIOHM: The first complete probiotic that addresses the gut’s total microbiome of both bacteria and fungus.

After studying medically important fungi for over 40 years, Dr. Ghannoum has published over 400 papers, been cited over 18,000 times in scientific literature and his research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for over 20 continuous years.He has received over $25 million in funding for his research from the National Institutes of Health and has raised over $20 million in venture capital for several successful biotechnology companies. Dr. Ghannoum has also conducted many pre-clinical studies behind some of the largest anti-fungal drugs in the world and continues to guide some of the largest global pharmaceutical companies as they develop drugs related to treating fungal disease.

To put it simply, Dr. Ghannoum is one of the most impactful people in the pursuit towards understanding and optimizing our health. My passion for research made me incredibly honored and excited to talk with Dr. Ghannoum and absorb even just a fraction of his knowledge from the industry.

I learned an incredible amount from him. Here are the key points to remember:

  • Standard probiotics aren’t going to help you heal your gut. By only concentrating on bacteria, fungi is allowed to flourish unchecked, leading to digestive imbalance.

  • No other probiotic has been engineered to break down digestive plaque, which acts as a shield for bad bacteria and fungi in your gut.

The BIOHM Gut Report Kit is the only sequencing service in the United States that:
  • Gives you a specific breakdown of both the bacteria and fungi species in your digestive tract

  • Gives you the specific levels of each bacterial and fungal strain found in your digestive tract

  • Shows you how your bacterial strains and levels compare to the National Institutes of Health's Human Microbiome Project data on gut bacterial strains

  • Shows you how your fungal strains and levels compare to Dr. Ghannoum's clinical research data on gut fungal strains at Case Western Reserve University's Center for Medical Mycology. Dr. Ghannoum's laboratory is one of the United State's preeminent research centers for the study of medically-important fungus.

In the past, I have suffered from an overgrowth of candida, a bad fungus in my gut. In my report from BioHM, I learned that the diet I had been on for six months was working wonderfully. My candida levels were significantly down and in a manageable state. I was also happy to see that the antibiotics I had taken after my surgery last year (antibiotics are known to destroy good gut flora) had not totally devastated my body.

Overall, I was given a pretty great response from my gut flora. I talked with Dr. Ghannoum about fermented foods - to which he suggested that I can eat them in moderation. He also told me I could drink some beer (fermented, woohoo!) if I wanted. ….I really, really like him! :)

I was then emailed a detailed health assessment from one of their nutritionists - giving me a suggested diet and foods to focus on. Considering my diet has been very good over the last six months (lots of vegetables and eggs, low carb / sugar free), there was not a large amount of change I needed to do. Adding in more leafy greens and omega-3’s was recommended.

After the testing, I also started using BioHM’s probiotics. My digestion has never felt better! I find that sometimes, even with a great diet, vegetables can be hard for my body to break down. With the probiotics and taking the advice from the nutritionist, I feel a huge increase in my energy and a decrease in bloating / discomfort during digestion.

I personally aim to take the gut bacteria test at least once a year to keep a maintenance checklist of my gut microbiome. I truly believe that gut microbiome testing is the future of understanding our bodies and health.

To learn more about BIOHM and the critical role of fungi in digestive health, visit their website at


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